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101 (Medical):Attending Physician: Dr. Gorrell.
Informant: G. T. Bayns, minister, Ashton 
Simpson, Thomas Reid Jr. (I5451)
102 (Medical):Attending physician: Dr. J. A. Johnston, Carleton Place, Ontario.
Informant: Rusell Simpson, Carleton Place, Ontario, husband 
Saunders, Susan Ella (I6672)
103 (Medical):Attending physician: Dr. J. K. Kelly, Almonte
Undertaker: Wm. E. Scott, burial Auld Kirk Cemetery.
Informant: Arthur C. Robertson, RR 3, Almonte, Son.?tab? 
Robertson, William Henry (I1470)
104 (Medical):Attending physician: Dr. James Reeves, Eganville
Informant: Susan Owens, R. R. 1, Eganville (daughter) 
Evans, Sarah (I7909)
105 (Medical):Attending Physician: Dr. John H. Brown, Clayton Scott, William Henry (I1405)
106 (Medical):Attending physician: Dr. John H. Brown, Ramsay Twp. Evans, Sarah (I6398)
107 (Medical):Attending physician: Dr. Lynch
Informant: Esther Forsythe, his widow, Ramsay Twp. 
Forsythe, William James "Ben" (I228)
108 (Medical):Attending physician: Dr. W. A. Meighan, Perth Ontario
Informant:James E. Miller (Millar), R.R. 5, Perth Ontario 
Miller, Charles (I7931)
109 (Medical):Attending physician: E. G. Worley M.D., Ashton, Ontario.
Informant on Death Certificate: Clayton Simpson, brother of Kidd Simpson (the father). 
Simpson, Zelma (I2712)
110 (Medical):Bill and Marjorie visited us in 1984 several times. There is an extenive file of his material in the reference binder. The notes on the Stewart connection are from his notes.

Bill was a shop teacher in Detroit Public Schools for many years, retired at Highland Lakes 
Rowan, William David (I2799)
111 (Medical):body was found on a creek" (probably Merston Creek)
73 miles west and north of Quesnel, BC, Canada
"In my opinion I would say he had a heart attack" 
Stewart, John Andrew (I11655)
112 (Medical):Bright's Disease, Intestinal Infection Scott, James Blackwell (I12115)
113 (Medical):Burried by tons of rock in a mining accident at the Teck Hughes mine at Kirkland Lake, Ontario Peever, Harvey Wilson (I9897)
114 (Medical):cancer Rattray, Dr. James Charles M. D. (I11902)
115 (Medical):Car accident at Crowsnest Pass, Alberta McRae, Donald Cleveland (I17134)
116 (Medical):Cause of death: gunshot wound to head. Inquest held 27 October 1966 Father: garage and filling station proprietor Knox, Hugh Brian Alexander (I28098)
117 (Medical):Commercial traveller - hardware Duncan, Ebert Roy (I2656)
118 (Medical):Death after 3 weeks McLinton, Eliza Matilda (I2341)
119 (Medical):Dentist, Victoria BC Emerson, Dr. John Graves D. D. S. (I2808)
120 (Medical):Developed typhoid fever while working at a lumber camp which then developed into tuberculosis. He spent some time a the Gravenhurst Sanatarium but the benefit proved to be only temporary. Coxford, Alfred E. (I1723)
121 (Medical):diabetes Falls, Mildred Mary (I5069)
122 (Medical):Diagnosed with throat cancer in October 1998; surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, U.S.A. same month. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in the years following. Passed away in Weyburn Union Hospital. Spencer, Howard Irwin (I16930)
123 (Medical):Did she marry Alex Smellie, referred to as Aunt Berth, Charlie's mother? Penman, Roberta Brown (I2826)
124 (Medical):Died as a patient at the St. Lawrence Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Cornwall. Coxford, Jessie (I796)
125 (Medical):died at Quebec city. Snedden, David (I182)
126 (Medical):Died from Small Cell lung cancer spread through several organs. McCaffrey, Deborah D. (I25099)
127 (Medical):Died in a bombing mission over Germany Stanzel, Flying Officer Ross Samuel (I19880)
128 (Medical):Died in his bedroom when he received an electric shook while handling an electric lamp. Young, Dr. John (I11817)
129 (Medical):Died in hospital following crash Kliewer, Michael David (I2590)
130 (Medical):Died in Penticton Hospital Robertson, Sgt. Robert Harold (I2837)
131 (Medical):Died in the Assylum for the Insane, Portsmouth, Frontenac County.
The cause of death listed on the death register was "exhaustion of mania." 
Garland, Thomas Willoughby (I6794)
132 (Medical):Died in the Galt Hospital after hospitalization for 10 weeks.

Pyelitis inflamation of the renal pelvis, a fairly common disease that usually can be diagnosed and cured without great difficulty. But left untreated can lead to kidney damage. Cronic form is Pyelonephritis. 
Coxford, Ethel McIntyre (I194)
133 (Medical):Died of Typhoid Fever either on board ship or at Quebec on arrival Scott (I1411)
134 (Medical):Died of Typhoid Fever either on board ship or at Quebec on arrival Scott, Lucinda (I1412)
135 (Medical):died on the sailing ship on the voyage from Scotland to Canada in 1831. Murray, Katherine (I7192)
136 (Medical):Died shortly after arrival at Clayton area, Ramsay Township Scott, James (I1413)
137 (Medical):Died shortly after arrival in Ramsay Township Nesbit, Jane (I1406)
138 (Medical):Died while visiting grandparents in Almonte with his parents. He was 2 years old Forgie, Wilbert Gilbert (I26096)
139 (Medical):Donald's wife Margaret drowned in McKay Lake, Lanark Township Lanark County in 1833-34. Murray, Margaret Janet (I6388)
140 (Medical):Dr. Kelly Kennedy, Mary Jane (I6)
141 (Medical):Drown while swiming in Mississippi River at Russell Turner farm. Madden, Lawrence Timothy (I12588)
142 (Medical):Drowned in Brandon river while rafting with his brother. Kidd, Thomas Stewart Melvin (I4677)
143 (Medical):Drowned as result of a capsized boat in a fishing accident on the Mississippi River. Barker, Wallace Keith (I26972)
144 (Medical):Drowned in the Ottawa River. Duncan, Wilfred Lorne (I2675)
145 (Medical):Earl Fumerton, the Carleton Place lad who was severely burned in an auto accident in Almonte about ten days ago died in the R.M. Hospital this Thursday morning. He succumbed to lockjaw. Fumerton, Earle Leonard (I24700)
146 (Medical):Eliz Duncan notes suggest he was born in 1861.
Died in Juneau Alaska at age 52. 
Simpson, Dr. James Kidd (I2742)
147 (Medical):Employee of Ottawa Hydro Campbell, Glenn Allen (I14626)
148 (Medical):Enlisted in the R. C. A. F and graduated as a bombardier, at Winnipeg on 6 Feb 1943 Hamilton, Flt. Sgt. William Percival "Percy" (I29527)
149 (Medical):Family memoried indicat that she fell into a pail of buttermilk. Scott, Elizabeth Ellen (I5850)
150 (Medical):Father or mother was a Bean, Grandmother's home built in 1845, at Jackson Michigan Bean, Marjorie (I2801)

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