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151 (Medical):First examined on Feb 1946 but was a faileing man at that time. Paterson, Dr. Thomas Robertson LDS, DDS, DDC. (I2928)
152 (Medical):For his role in bringing Protestants and Catholics together in rebellion against the British, James McCann was hanged on 27 June 1798. The protestant McCann is buried in the Killinchy Catholic Parish Cemetery in County Down, Northern Ireland. McCann, James (I6716)
153 (Medical):From Founding Families of Beckwith Township by Carol Bennett, g 79.
Mary Garland died in child birth either aboard ship or immediately upon arrival in Quebec City. Her young husband John Kidd placed the baby boy (Andrew) with a foster mother in Quebec, and came ahead to Lanark County with the family. When he had become established on NE lot 21 con 6 Beckwith, he returned to Quebec to fetch baby Andrew. 
Garland, Mary (I6780)
154 (Medical):G Caskey:
22 people died in crash, 2 in hospital, 45 injured
The Kliewers had purchased a Ford-Mercury dealership in Thunder Bay 8 weeks prior to the crash. They had lived in Thunder Bay since 1982. 
Kliewer, Cornelius Brian (I2588)
155 (Medical):GlendaDelahuntLindsay A favourite Uncle: Never married. Died of a sudden stroke while working on the family farm. Delahunt, Alfred "Osler" (I26600)
156 (Medical):Gored by a cow. Holmes, Letitia Jane (I15362)
157 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2807)
158 (Medical):Had a sever heart attack at his shoe store in Almonte. Scott, Harvey Arthur "Dinty" (I1612)
159 (Medical):Harold drowned in the Coldwater Creek in Dorion at the age of 16 years. Bohler, Harold (I29904)
160 (Medical):He had been suffering for a time from rheumatism and a slight trouble of the heart, and when Mrs Lang went to bed at ten o'clock that night she left him reading beside the stove, as he intended removing the ashes before retiring. Mrs Lang awoke between two and three next morning, and finding that her husband was not abed, divined that something was wrong. Hurrying down, she found Mr. Lang in a kneeling position beside the stove ? dead! He had been fixing the stove and before his task was competed the hand to death was upon him. Heart disease was doubtless the cause. Lang, John (I23823)
161 (Medical):He was forced through ill health to give up business about six years ago. He suffered a stroke of paralysis, but recovered partially, and was able to go about the street, although lately his sight almost failed and he had a severe attack of jaundice. He had a second stroke of paralysis lately, which proved fatal. McGill, James (I11194)
162 (Medical):He was hit by a car. Simpson, Donald Allan F. (I13621)
163 (Medical):He was in the Spanish War and caught Yellow fever and died from that Willoughby, William John (I29897)
164 (Medical):Heart attack Morton, Walter Herst (I7638)
165 (Medical):heart attack Bennett, Claude Frederick (I15010)
166 (Medical):Heart attack Snedden, Nellie May (I19400)
167 (Medical):Her death certificate was signed by Dr. Rankin. Cuthbert, Mary Forbes (I14114)
168 (Medical):Her sister Eva died 11 days later also from diphtheria. Leeson, Katie Edna (I35586)
169 (Medical):How the accident happened is not known for certain, but it is supposed he was unhitching his team in the barn about noon and that one of the horses had kicked him, and when found one side of his head was crushed in. Mrs Wilson heard an unusual noise in the barn, and upon going out to ascertain the cause she found her husband unconscious, and in a short time he passed away. Wilson, James Bryson (I8435)
170 (Medical):Icelandic
High School teacher 
Skaftfeld, Ronald (I2533)
171 (Medical):Immolated by his mother Serena Jane Sculland Roe

Feb 23 1935
Schizophrenic (hebephrenic variety), and Manic Depressive 
Roe, William Henry (I26418)
172 (Medical):In Ceylon or India Kidd, Pilot Officer John Armand Boyd (I4222)
173 (Medical):In Italy during WW 2. McCaffrey, Private John Frederick (I14262)
174 (Medical):In Prince Albert he was employed by the Glass Dairy as a driver and his untimely death occurred while he was performing his duties. While details are lacking it is believed that the horse shied as, he was stepping onto the wagon turning the heavy vehicle over on him. Duncan, Harold Edmund (I2883)
175 (Medical):Informant on death certificate: John James Garland, RR 1, Richmond, ON, son Garland, Stephen (I10412)
176 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2540)
177 (Medical):John McKay, 82 years old, who was killed instantly early Saturday morning by an east bound train on a crossing only a few hundred feet from his own home. Mr McKay, an early riser himself, was on his way to give a message to a neighbour whose work made it necessary for him to leave home around 6.30 Apparently the elderly man, who had to cross the tracks, did not notice the approach of the Montreal flier which stops here only if there are sleeping car passengers to get off. It was on its way through the station running one minute late at 6.41 (D.S.T.) when the accident happened one block east of the depot on Church Street crossing. There are three tracks there ? the main line and two passing tracks, and it is possible either he did not see the approaching train at all or if he did the thought it was on one of the sidings. McKay, John (I19781)
178 (Medical):Joseph Halpenny was killed in the Irish Rebellion on 1798.
His widow Catherine Styles (one of three families of first cousins) came to Canada in 1823 from Wicklow County, Ireland with their children 
Halpenny, Joseph (I30328)
179 (Medical):Killed as a result of accident operating The engine of a Stamp machine in Mexico. Paterson, James B. (I7305)
180 (Medical):Killed by her fiance George Lewcock (FAG #101144312) in a murder-suicide. Story of the event can be found in the Minneapolis Morning Tribune, March 16, 1914, front page
Benson, Hattie Downing (I39334)
181 (Medical):KILLED IN ACTION in the vicinity of Courcelette, France
Forsythe, Pvt. William Wallace (I242)
182 (Medical):Killed in Belgium as a soldier during WW 1. Kidd, Private Thomas Arthur (I4523)
183 (Medical):Lawrence Randolph Elliott, 25, of Almonte, died in an automobile crash on Highway 29, four miles north of here early last Thursday morning. The other occupant of the car, 33-year-old Carson Munro of Almonte, is a patient in Ottawa Civic Hospital suffering from chest injuries Elliott, Lawrence Randolph "Laurie" (I16630)
184 (Medical):Letter following reunion: Works part time in the Post Office at Eatons (1980) Coulter, Maisie Evelyn (I2530)
185 (Medical):Lived in California Penman, Thomas Brown (I2828)
186 (Medical):Lived in Vancouver area Stewart, Florence (I2779)
187 (Medical):Lived in Winnipeg Keys, Howard (I2791)
188 (Medical):Lost at sea 30 Apr 1941 during WW 2. Slater, Pvt. John Frederick Richard "Bud" (I15787)
189 (Medical):Mary died during the 'flu epidemic of 1918. Robertson, Mary (I32841)
190 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2616)
191 (Medical):member of the 21st. Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force Spence, Cecil Lancaster (I18280)
192 (Medical):member of the Washington law firm Slater, Marcus Bedford Jr. (I2805)
193 (Medical):Men Beach, Leita Annie Melisa (I19640)
194 (Medical):Mentally retarded Scott, William Homer (I2786)
195 (Medical):Mill Accident. A fatal accident occured at Hubbard's mill, Huron city, on the 5th. instant, John Singleton was struck by a a piece of log and thrown head first between the friction pulleys of the big circular, crushing his head out of all semblance of a human head. Singleton, John (I27708)
196 (Medical):Minnie's sister was Mrs. Donald Stewart (Charlotte) Watson, Wilhelmina Minnie Cecilia (I2377)
197 (Medical):Minnie, was standing near a vessel in which they were mixing some feed for the cattle, which was boiling hot, and in some way fell into it, scalding herself terribly. The little one did not get over the shock, but lived till Saturday night about one o'clock, when the tender body gave up its spirit and the child was released from its sufferings. More, Minnie Julia (I31653)
198 (Medical):Miss Lang had been ill for some time, and latterly her trouble was diagnosed as an internal tumour. Two weeks ago she went to the hospital to have an operation performed for the removal of the tumour. Her brother, Dr Albert Lang, was with her last Monday ? the day selected for the operation. The physicians made an incision to carry out their plans, when it was discovered that her trouble was cancer, and of such a nature that it was sure to end her life in a short time. The doctors decided that a further operation was unnecessary. Miss Lang was made comfortable, and was progressing quite favourably until Tuesday forenoon, when she began to sink. Lang, Margaret Alvina "Vinie" (I23826)
199 (Medical):Mother had TB, and Rose developed TB and died after a short time Greig, Rose (I2772)
200 (Medical):Mr Harvey Boal, an employee of Mr Howard Davey, local building contractor, suffered fatal internal injuries early Wednesday afternoon when he was pinned against the wall of a new vault in the Bank of Montreal building by a 2 ? ton door that was being moved into position. He died in the Civic Hospital two hours after the accident. This heavy piece for the new vault that was constructed in the local office of the Bank of Montreal this summer. arrived by truck and was moved into the building last night. It took about five hours to get it to the back of the building where the vault is located. Workmen had succeeded in moving it through the doorway of the vault, had raised it up on rollers and were moving it into position when the accident happened. Carman Denny and Alex Spinks were on one side of the big iron slab and Mr Boal was on the other when it slipped off the roller and pinned the victim against the wall. He was held there for upwards of half an hour while men tried to release him. This was finally done by man power and hydraulic jacks. Mr Boal was conscious all the time. Dr O.H. Schulte was in attendance and he was removed to the Rosamond Memorial Hospital in the Kerry-Scott ambulance where he was given first aid and then taken to the Civic Hospital in Ottawa.
Boal, Harvey Louis (I42231)

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