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201 (Medical):Mr James McDougall and his daughter, Miss Elizabeth McDougall, are in the R.M. Hospital suffering from severe burns. Mr McDougall is making good progress towards recovery; Miss McDougall's condition was reported this Thursday as fair. Miss McDougall was cleaning a pair of gloves with gasoline She was near the kitchen stove. In some way the gasoline caught fire, and Miss McDougall's clothing became ignited. She rushed outside endeavouring to extinguish the flame. Mr McDougall, who was in bed, was aroused by his daughter's screams and went to her assistance. He also was badly burnt. Miss McDougall's burns are very serious and she is in a dangerous condition. McDougall, Elizabeth (I39870)
202 (Medical):Mr. Duncan's long illness was all the more tragic because he was suffering from leucaemia [leukemia] for which there is no known cure. Of the three local young people whose illness last spring was diagnosed as leucaemia, he alone responded to treatment temporarily and hope for his ultimate recovery was held for some time. Duncan, Allan McLaren (I2885)
203 (Medical):Mr. John Garland, of Goulbourn, familiarly known as "Big John Garland," died on Sunday last. He weighed 300 pounds, and was so large that a coffin had to be made specially for him. He was highly respected, and his funeral on Tuesdy was a large one. Garland, John "Big John" (I6796)
204 (Medical):Mr. John Young, a well-known citizen of Almonte, was killed at the main street crossing of the C.P.R. on Saturday evening about 7 o'clock. He was driving across the railway in a buggy when a freight train travelling west struck him. Young, John (I11146)
205 (Medical):Mr. Leeson held the position of superintendent of bridge construction of the Northern Pacific Railway for a long time and was in active discharge of his duties when the accident occurred which resulted in his death thirteen hours later. He had left the station with a gang of men ahead of a freight train. The freight train hove in sight behind them at a narrow pass and they were obliged to set their hand car up on its side against a bank and hold it there for the train to pass. Mr. Leeson stepped across the strack to pick up something and then stepped back to the side where his men were. No on knows how the accident took place, but it is supposed some gravel must have given way under his feet and caused him to sway towards the track, when the engine struck him on the side, throwing him a great distance, breaking several ribs and inflicting other sever injuries. The train was reversed at once and the injured man taken to Spokane. No less than seven doctors were called, but their services were of no avail to save his life. Leeson, Andrew (I10986)
206 (Medical):Mrs. Donald Stewart Watson, Lloyd Clifford (I2751)
207 (Medical):News was circulated that Robert Hamilton, well known railway section foreman, had been killed by a freight train about two miles west of Shawville at mileage 47.
Foreman Hamilton and his assistants, Arthur Horner and John Horner, were on the handcare, preceeding eastward, when a freight train over took them. The freight was a particularly heavy one, loaded with logs, with an engine ahead and one at the back of the train. When the crew of the first engine saw the handcar, it was unable to stop soon enough to avoid hitting it.
Before the train struck the handcar, the two Horner men had jumped to safety, and as their vision was blocked by the engine they were unable to tell whether the foreman had jumped off the car or not.
After hearing the testimony of the sectionmen and trainmen, and C. F.C. Powles, who stated the death was due to a fractured skull and other injuries, Dr .L. Fena County Corner, of Campbells Bay declared that an inquest would not be necessary. 
Hamilton, Robert George (I25276)
208 (Medical):note indicates that he died at age 21 'killed' Stewart, Robert (I2797)
209 (Medical):Notes from Kathleen English: Ruby lived in Vancouver, went to live with aunt Kate in Winnipeg after grandmother's death. She did not get along with her mother and sister. She was about 21 at the time. Isabel and Mary (aunts) sent her to business school and got her a job in the business office of a small local bank. When my mother (Isabel Stewart) died in 1917, Aunt Kate to come to Kathleen's home but would only do so if Ruby came as well. She was not easy to live with! She adored aunt Kate and wanted to make her decisions for her. Moved to an apt with Aunt Kate in 1925 when Kathleen English's father remarried. Aunt Kate died in 1932 and Ruby went to live with Aunt Mary, Uncle Jack having died. She lived there even after aunt Mary died until she became senile and was hospitalized. Stewart, Ruby (I2776)
210 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2541)
211 (Medical):Nurse, M Sc at U of Maryland and taught there at the graduate level; now part time: restoration of 1780 stone house, interested in old furniture and has a shop in PA with a friend where they sell primitive Americana. Betts, Alice Elizabeth (I2804)
212 (Medical):O Cram, Andrew Wilson (I5684)
213 (Medical):Obstruction operated on 8 Jul 1944 Salter, William Peter (I4526)
214 (Medical):Occured at night in a car parked on a rural road outside of Almonte, Ontario. The body was found the next morning. Possibly accidental death but possible suicide. Dunlop, Grant W. (I13011)
215 (Medical):On 3 Jul 1934 an operation was performed to remove the large bowel obstruction at the Victoria Hospital , Renfrew by Dr. K. L. MacKinion.

The informant on his death certificate: J. D. Horner, brother. 
Horner, William Hamilton (I7377)
216 (Medical):On December 19, while crossing a rice paddy in the vicinity of Dong Tien in an area of Dien Ban District in Quang Nam Province known as "Dodge City" a patrol of Marines were hit with enemy sniper fire followed by a automatic weapons fire and volleys of grenades. The superior force of Viet Cong overran the Marines killing three of the men, took their weapons, equipment and fled by the time a reaction force of Marines arrived on the scene.

The reaction team recovered three of their dead comrades, one of whom was PFC Vidler who had been killed as a result of hostile gunshot wounds. One severely wounded Marine was found who had survived the attack and was evacuated for medical treatment. 
Vidler, PFC Murray Dean (I35138)
217 (Medical):On Saturday morning she was in her usual good health; in the afternoon she complained of not feeling well, and a doctor was called. On Sunday he diagnosed the trouble as appendicitis, and Mrs Paul was brought to the R.M. hospital, and on Monday on operation was performed. The case proved to be a serious one, and not much hope of recovery was held out by the doctors, though up to Wednesday she was bearing the strain hopefully, but suddenly Nature's forces gave out, and early this Thursday morning she passed quietly away. Porterfield, Christena (I7073)
218 (Medical):Pneumonia Ehmsen, Catherine Patricia (I20982)
219 (Medical):Presbyterian; A farmer in Clyde country, Scotland that raised Clydesdale horses Greig, James (I2763)
220 (Medical):Probably from the effects of the Spanish Flu epidemic Drummond, Elsie Isabel (I5834)
221 (Medical):Ran away after his father remarried, stepmother not 'kind', went to relatives in Winnipeg; did not stay long but is thought to have moved on westward. Greig, Russell (I2770)
222 (Medical):Ray head of Chemistry department at United College affiliated with the U of Manitoba after two years at Oxford. In 1933 went down to NY where he completed his doctorate at Columbia. The depression was still bad so when Standard Oil reactivated their labs in Linden, NJ and offered him a job and stayed until his retirement in 1967. He died in Dec of that year. Betts, Raymond Livingston (I2802)
223 (Medical):Result of being struck by a motor car resulting in head injury on 10 Mar 1947 Black, George McMillan (I28128)
224 (Medical):Ross was drowned while swiming in the Mississippi river at the Five Stone Arch bridge at Pakenham village. Fulton, Ross Hugh (I26078)
225 (Medical):Sam Butler died as a result of injures received in a train collision in Almonte on 27 of December, 1942 when a fast freight train ran into the back end of a local passenger train that was stopped at the Almonte train station. Many deaths and injuries resulted from this railway accident. Butler, Samuel Henry "Sam" (I35528)
226 (Medical):Samuel suffered from epileptic fits and had been a patient of the Home for the Aged and Infirm at Portage la Prairie for his last 21 years. He never married Sykes, Samuel (I24333)
227 (Medical):Scarlet fever Coulter, Charles Eldon (I15862)
228 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2532)
229 (Medical):See attached sources. Cassels, Matilda (I14287)
230 (Medical):See attached sources. Stewart (I19898)
231 (Medical):See attached sources. McCarter, Dr. James Mostyn (I22902)
232 (Medical):See attached sources. Robertson, Janet Kyle "Jennie" (I23650)
233 (Medical):See attached sources. Thompson, Margaret Jane "Maggie" (I26696)
234 (Medical):She died of Consumption at her father's home only a few weeks after marrying Rev Andrew Bell. Dalziel, Christina (I41841)
235 (Medical):She was a premature baby of 7 months gestation and was buried in the Barker family plot as Baby Barker.
Barker, Baby (I1508)
236 (Medical):SIMPSON / DUNFIELD, Don Duncan and Duncan McGregor could be half 3rd cousin 2x removed through: 2nd great grand parents James Simpson and Jane Dunfield as our paternal common ancestors with shared DNA of 7 cM across 1 segment as recorded in my Ancestry and Legacy family trees.
McGregor, Duncan (I37387)
237 (Medical):Stricken with a heart attack while letting some cattle out to pasture on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 14, Robert M. Simpson of Atchelitz passed away shortly after he went indoors to rest. Simpson, Robert Milton (I13686)
238 (Medical):suffered a stroke while on a train in Montreal. Schoular, William John "Bill" (I15602)
239 (Medical):Suffering from Polio in 1953 he had been crippled ever since. In 1965 and 1966 the amputation of both legs, caused by the hardening of the arteries confined him to the wheelchair. Leach, William James (I29220)
240 (Medical):The accident resulting in Mr Cochran's death by asphyxiation happened some time between noon and 3:30 pm last Tuesday. He was operating a tractor alone on his farm on Lot 21, Conc 6 in Ramsay township. Perth OPP who were called to the scene about 4 pm, report that Mr Cochran was trapped under a large piece of frozen silage. The silage appeared to have fallen off the front end loader on the tractor. The tractor was in reverse and continued to back up until it hit a tree. The silage pinned Mr Cochran underneath it, pressing his chest and abdomen. He was pronounced dead at the scene by Coroner Dr Ralph Bach. Cochran, John Andrew (I23416)
241 (Medical):The crew of Lockheed Hudson #771 aircraft was on a navigational training and transport flight between Torbay in Newfoundland and Dartmouth in Nova Scotia, Canada, when they disappeared, crashing 11 miles from RCAF Station Dartmouth. There were three crew members, as well as three passengers aboard the Hudson, and all six servicemen perished in the aircraft accident. Though a military search was immediately launched, the crash site was not located until 6 Nov 1944.
Watterson, Pilot Officer Thomas Albert Kidd R. C. A. F. (I4586)
242 (Medical):The death record is unclear if death was caused by self inflicted gun shot or was an accidental hunting accident as this would of happened during hunting season. Kidd, William James (I4082)
243 (Medical):The great grandfather of John D. Stewart, Box 2118, Barrhead, AB TOG 0E0
Wife Flora 
Stewart, John (I2848)
244 (Medical):The two cars, one driven by Mr Duncan, with Joseph Lodge, of Almonte, as a passenger, collided with a car driven by Austin Lloyd, of Carleton Place, with Mrs Lloyd and a hitch-hiking soldier, Fred Pound, of Petawawa, as the other occupants. Mrs Lloyd, the former Mary Anderson, was killed instantly, while Joseph Lodge was seriously injured and is at present a patient in the Civic hospital at Ottawa. Lloyd and Pound were also injured, but not seriously. Lloyd is still in the hospital here, under surveillance of the police, who have laid a charge of dangerous driving against him. Private Pound has been removed to military hospital at Kingston. Duncan, James "Bennett" (I3255)
245 (Medical):Their eldest son disappeared on Sunday night, May 21, 1916, and on Tueday his lifeless body was found in the waters of the Bay. (Mississippi River, Almonte). Sadler, Alfred "Alfie" (I18740)
246 (Medical):There may be some historical confussion in that the construction of the Rideau Canal was between 1826-1832, although there was probably construction for years afterward, such as Lockmaster houses . As the workforce became available after completion of the Canal the stone houses of the area were built from 1834 on. It would seem more likely that John Coxford was killed in a quarry site or construction site post Rideau Canal construction. Coxford, John (I11)
247 (Medical):Traffic Accident Injuries Claim Second Victim in Town Fire Chief
Almonte lost one of its most popular and dynamic citizens, Wednesday evening, when Harry H. Houston died in the Rosamond Memorial Hospital as a result of injuries received in a traffic accident on highway 44, Saturday afternoon, August 25th. He was in his 58th year. As recorded in last week's paper, Mrs Houston was riding with her husband in a light truck bound for Ottawa Exhibition when another vehicle of the same kind drove across the highway bound from Carp to Stittsville. It was driven by Ray Bell of the last mentioned village. The two machines collided and all three people were injured. Mr and Mrs Houston were brought to the local hospital where the latter died early Monday morning, Aug 27th. Her funeral was held on the following Wednesday. At first it was believed by attending physicians that Mr Houston had a good chance for recovery, barring complications. But as the week wore toward a close his condition took a turn for the worse. He spent a poor week-end and keen anxiety arose among those closely in touch with him. He did not improve with the result that death ensued Wednesday evening. It is believed that shock of his wife's death and the mental depression it caused took all the fight out of the grieving husband and made him an easier prey to the injures he had received. 
Houston, Harold Henry "Harry" (I31496)
248 (Medical):Tragedy stuck at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hamilton, Almonte, RR 4 on Tuesday morning at 9.15 when their youngest child, Ivan Charles was killed beneath the wheels of a truck. The little boy who was in his third year was standing at a gate which his father had opened but on the opposite side of the road and as is the way of small children, darted into the path of the truck so quickly that no one saw him until it was too late. The truck was driven by Keith Drynan, an employee of Mr. Hamilton. The child was rushed to the Almonte General Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival by Dr. R. K. Bach. Dr. J. A. McEwen of Carleton Place, County Coroner was called and said there would be no inquest. Hamilton, Ivan Charles (I19824)
249 (Medical):Two infants sons that did not survive; a step daughter
Regina, SK 
Stewart, Margaret (I2787)
250 (Medical):Vancouver Stewart, James E. (I2773)

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