Lanarkshire, Scotland


Latitude: 55.856701, Longitude: -4.26725


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Affleck, John William  6 Jan 1804Lanarkshire, Scotland I11233
2 Affleck, Robert  10 Jun 1806Lanarkshire, Scotland I11234
3 Anderson, Margaret  4 Nov 1791Lanarkshire, Scotland I12880
4 Craig, Adam  24 May 1802Lanarkshire, Scotland I17349
5 Frew, Mary Jane  1800Lanarkshire, Scotland I24703
6 Geddes, William  Abt 1781Lanarkshire, Scotland I23115
7 Gordon, John Findlay  1827Lanarkshire, Scotland I12461
8 Hamilton, Norris  23 Aug 1770Lanarkshire, Scotland I33719
9 Lockhart, Elexis  30 Oct 1816Lanarkshire, Scotland I38757
10 Lockhart, John  1794Lanarkshire, Scotland I22942
11 Mackay, Isabel Gordon  1794Lanarkshire, Scotland I15132
12 McEwen, Agnes  1768Lanarkshire, Scotland I11105
13 McKay, Thomas  4 May 1845Lanarkshire, Scotland I10661
14 Morrison, Joseph  8 Dec 1755Lanarkshire, Scotland I11242
15 Naismith, James  1838Lanarkshire, Scotland I20187
16 Naismith, James  Jun 1838Lanarkshire, Scotland I22532
17 Naismith, Jean  28 Apr 1831Lanarkshire, Scotland I20192
18 Naismith, John  7 Jan 1833Lanarkshire, Scotland I20183
19 Neilson, Alexander  2 Aug 1782Lanarkshire, Scotland I33559
20 Paterson, Agnes  11 Oct 1829Lanarkshire, Scotland I31389
21 Paterson, Andrew  15 May 1801Lanarkshire, Scotland I16806
22 Paterson, Martha  1821Lanarkshire, Scotland I31390
23 Patterson, Alexander  7 Nov 1810Lanarkshire, Scotland I16820
24 Penman, Robert John  24 Sep 1798Lanarkshire, Scotland I9212
25 Sutherland, James  1818Lanarkshire, Scotland I33236
26 Wallace, James  1735Lanarkshire, Scotland I18690
27 Watt, Euphemia  18 Jun 1804Lanarkshire, Scotland I8390
28 Watt, John Peter  2 Oct 1771Lanarkshire, Scotland I8386
29 Yuill, James  27 Jun 1774Lanarkshire, Scotland I11630


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Burnside, James  1811Lanarkshire, Scotland I11206
2 Burnside, Mary  Abt 1776Lanarkshire, Scotland I9068
3 Cochran, Margaret  18 Oct 1805Lanarkshire, Scotland I17156
4 Gemmill, Rev. John  14 Apr 1844Lanarkshire, Scotland I33779
5 Neilson, Walter  1765Lanarkshire, Scotland I19455


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Affleck  Abt 1839Lanarkshire, Scotland F3906

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