Michigan, United States


Latitude: 42.33253, Longitude: -85.84648


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bean, Marjorie  1917Michigan, United States I2801
2 Birr, William Frank  1879Michigan, United States I28031
3 Blumrich, Alice Jeanette  25 Mar 1912Michigan, United States I34440
4 Bouchey, Lena T.  1916Michigan, United States I12663
5 Brydges, Eva Margaret  17 Aug 1894Michigan, United States I12568
6 Campbell, Robert G.  21 Sep 1908Michigan, United States I27767
7 Churchill, Elizabeth  1863Michigan, United States I39967
8 Colson, Wilda A.  17 Jan 1929Michigan, United States I39454
9 Cowan, Edward Franklin  16 Apr 1915Michigan, United States I35655
10 Crowley, Evalena E.  28 Dec 1921Michigan, United States I31247
11 Duncan  1910Michigan, United States I12667
12 Duncan, Hilda M.  1910Michigan, United States I12668
13 Duncan, Leo C.  1905Michigan, United States I12672
14 Duncan, Nellie Verne  15 Dec 1903Michigan, United States I12658
15 Duncan, Robert T.  1915Michigan, United States I12669
16 Duncan, Roy C.  31 Mar 1912Michigan, United States I12662
17 Duncan, Sara Eveline  1907Michigan, United States I12673
18 Fletcher, William  Abt 1857Michigan, United States I10299
19 Harrington, Cecile G.  11 Oct 1892Michigan, United States I7891
20 Hempton, Albert Bruce  1922Michigan, United States I18499
21 Hempton, Christina H.  3 May 1910Michigan, United States I18504
22 James, Jennie May  1875Michigan, United States I35680
23 Johnston, Margaret Catherine  26 Jul 1869Michigan, United States I8100
24 Killom, Frank E.  1884Michigan, United States I32715
25 Lester, Edna Browning  Michigan, United States I12109
26 Mericle, Berdella  Mar 1876Michigan, United States I19684
27 Orves, Mildred Viola R. N.  Dec 1912Michigan, United States I26201
28 Poucher, Lena May  1874Michigan, United States I33752
29 Romeyn, Arie  6 Dec 1867Michigan, United States I34430
30 Scott, Charles M.  1869Michigan, United States I32814
31 Shirley, Richard Thomas  26 Oct 1884Michigan, United States I31233
32 Steffey, Florence E.  20 Dec 1860Michigan, United States I39332
33 Wright, Clarence M.  1925Michigan, United States I14464


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Atwell, Marjorie Jean  20 Jul 1996Michigan, United States I37339
2 Bouchey, Lena T.  Michigan, United States I12663
3 Brace, Mary Ida  1944Michigan, United States I38453
4 Colson, Wilda A.  15 Dec 2008Michigan, United States I39454
5 Coxford, Edgar  12 Oct 1953Michigan, United States I7892
6 Cunningham, Jeanette  Aft 1900Michigan, United States I19681
7 Finlayson, Charles Albert  8 Mar 2010Michigan, United States I6507
8 Foster, William Edward Harrison  May 1967Michigan, United States I40171
9 Hempton, Albert Bruce  1938Michigan, United States I18499
10 Hempton, George  16 Apr 1953Michigan, United States I18497
11 Hempton, Thomas  11 Aug 1944Michigan, United States I36718
12 Hobbs, Sarah  17 Sep 1932Michigan, United States I16976
13 Killom, Frank E.  1976Michigan, United States I32715
14 McCarthy, Ann  15 Sep 1909Michigan, United States I28742
15 Menzies, Evelyn Ann  30 Oct 2018Michigan, United States I31242
16 Mericle, Berdella  1951Michigan, United States I19684
17 Mericle, Edward  1937Michigan, United States I19683
18 Needham, Robert Ernest  Jul 1959Michigan, United States I35445
19 Smith, Walter Lawson  9 Jul 1975Michigan, United States I17224


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Hutchinson, Gladys Luella  Michigan, United States I16380


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Miller / Shirley  1937Michigan, United States F6654
2 Shirley /   1954Michigan, United States F6657

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