Manitoba, Canada


Manitoba (/?m?n?'to?b?/ (listen) MAN-ih-TOH-b?) is a province of Canada at the longitudinal centre of the country. It is Canada's fifth-most populous province, with a population of 1,342,153 as of 2021,[2] of widely varied landscape, from arctic tundra and the Hudson Bay coastline in the north to dense boreal forest, large freshwater lakes, and prairie grassland in the central and southern regions.

Indigenous peoples have inhabited what is now Manitoba for thousands of years. In the early 17th century, British and French fur traders began arriving in the area and establishing settlements. The Kingdom of England secured control of the region in 1673 and created a territory named Rupert's Land, which was placed under the administration of the Hudson's Bay Company. Rupert's Land, which included all of present-day Manitoba, grew and evolved from 1673 until 1869 with significant settlements of Indigenous and M?tis people in the Red River Colony. In 1869, negotiations with the Government of Canada for the creation of the province of Manitoba commenced. During the negotiations, several factors led to an armed uprising of the M?tis people against the Government of Canada, a conflict known as the Red River Rebellion. The resolution of the conflict and further negotiations led to Manitoba becoming the fifth province to join Canadian Confederation, when the Parliament of Canada passed the Manitoba Act on July 15, 1870.

Manitoba's capital and largest city is Winnipeg, the seventh most populous municipality in Canada. Winnipeg is the seat of government, home to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba and the Provincial Court. Four of the province's five universities, all four of its professional sports teams, and most of its cultural activities (including Festival du Voyageur and Folklorama) are located in Winnipeg. The city has train and bus stations and an international airport; a Canadian Forces base, CFB Winnipeg, operate

Latitude: 51.206883, Longitude: -97.954102


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Emma  1857Manitoba, Canada I23053
2 Acres, Alice Lillian  28 May 1893Manitoba, Canada I25007
3 Arbuckle, Dorothy  1915Manitoba, Canada I24067
4 Barclay, Clifford Alexander  8 Feb 1889Manitoba, Canada I38874
5 Barclay, Jessie Roberta  Sep 1885Manitoba, Canada I38872
6 Barclay, John Murray  4 Jan 1886Manitoba, Canada I38873
7 Baskerville, Cyntha Lyle  19 Dec 1904Manitoba, Canada I38361
8 Brownell, Henry Gordon  3 Oct 1900Manitoba, Canada I32938
9 Brownell, James Harold  29 May 1895Manitoba, Canada I32936
10 Butchart, Eric Lloyd  27 Nov 1890Manitoba, Canada I16288
11 Butchart, Ivan Reginald  12 Jun 1895Manitoba, Canada I16290
12 Caldwell, Flight Sergeant Andrew Glen Air Gunner  6 Mar 1924Manitoba, Canada I32324
13 Caldwell, Dalton William Boyd "Pick"  Mar 1919Manitoba, Canada I32308
14 Caldwell, John Garland  1920Manitoba, Canada I30866
15 Caldwell, Olive Gwendolyn  1911Manitoba, Canada I30861
16 Cavers, Annie  1907Manitoba, Canada I15298
17 Cavers, Christina  1901Manitoba, Canada I15297
18 Cavers, Gordon Miller  22 Sep 1913Manitoba, Canada I15299
19 Cavers, Hugh M.  1896Manitoba, Canada I15296
20 Cavers, John Duncan  6 Dec 1891Manitoba, Canada I15303
21 Cavers, Ralph Duncan  20 Nov 1916Manitoba, Canada I15301
22 Code, Frances L. M.  Nov 1905Manitoba, Canada I20785
23 Code, John A. L.  1912Manitoba, Canada I20563
24 Code, Robert Harold  1907Manitoba, Canada I20786
25 Colter, Delmar  15 Apr 1906Manitoba, Canada I14555
26 Colter, Edith  1916Manitoba, Canada I14557
27 Colter, Norma  1908Manitoba, Canada I14556
28 Connor, Frances Evelyn V.  17 Oct 1915Manitoba, Canada I30851
29 Coulter, Lennis  1897Manitoba, Canada I20678
30 Coulter, Leslie Howard  1895Manitoba, Canada I20677
31 Coulter, Martha A.  1886Manitoba, Canada I5015
32 Craig, Effie May  28 May 1919Manitoba, Canada I25954
33 Craig, Lloyd Douglas  12 Feb 1918Manitoba, Canada I25955
34 Craig, Thomas Frederick  14 Jan 1913Manitoba, Canada I10971
35 Cram, Annie Irene  22 Oct 1914Manitoba, Canada I17607
36 Cram, Harry W.  13 Aug 1903Manitoba, Canada I22707
37 Cram, Lorna Belle  16 Jan 1910Manitoba, Canada I42782
38 Dale, Charles Herbert  30 Jan 1910Manitoba, Canada I43245
39 Dewar, Jessie Edna  1901Manitoba, Canada I38118
40 Dick, Margaret  1921Manitoba, Canada I39858
41 Dickson, Raymond W.  20 Apr 1901Manitoba, Canada I41910
42 Duncan, Mary  1880Manitoba, Canada I27279
43 English, Anna  1887Manitoba, Canada I20442
44 Evans, Emily "Jane"  1876Manitoba, Canada I9836
45 Evans, Ethel  1915Manitoba, Canada I19467
46 Evans, Marjorie  1922Manitoba, Canada I19465
47 Evans, Rachel Anna Mina "Minnie"  1871Manitoba, Canada I9835
48 Evans, Sarah  1913Manitoba, Canada I19468
49 Evans, Susan  1877Manitoba, Canada I9838
50 Evans, Weldon  1916Manitoba, Canada I19466

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1961Manitoba, Canada I34954
2 Armstrong, Mary Anne  28 Dec 1932Manitoba, Canada I42723
3 Barclay, Clifford Alexander  3 Jan 1967Manitoba, Canada I38874
4 Barclay, John Murray  2 Apr 1889Manitoba, Canada I38873
5 Berry, Boyd Hinton  15 Aug 2009Manitoba, Canada I41536
6 Bingham, Irene Alda  1955Manitoba, Canada I43343
7 Bingham, Jessie Iola  1947Manitoba, Canada I43340
8 Boyd, James  26 Jun 1926Manitoba, Canada I11876
9 Brad, Wilford George  1965Manitoba, Canada I1718
10 Bradley, Isaac  Abt 1891Manitoba, Canada I12113
11 Brownell, James Harold  1977Manitoba, Canada I32936
12 Butchart, Caroline B.  1951Manitoba, Canada I16283
13 Butchart, Robert Cecil  30 Nov 1899Manitoba, Canada I2986
14 Caldwell, Dalton William Boyd "Pick"  12 Feb 1960Manitoba, Canada I32308
15 Campbell, Audrey Eleanor Brander  10 Nov 2010Manitoba, Canada I20809
16 Cavers, John Duncan  1963Manitoba, Canada I15303
17 Christie, David  1918Manitoba, Canada I40765
18 Coulter, Mary Ann  Manitoba, Canada I12745
19 Craig, Effie May  29 Jun 1919Manitoba, Canada I25954
20 Craig, Frederick Grant  10 Aug 1963Manitoba, Canada I25951
21 Craig, Lloyd Douglas  25 Jul 2003Manitoba, Canada I25955
22 Craig, Thomas Frederick  2 Oct 1983Manitoba, Canada I10971
23 Cram, Eva Marguerite  8 Oct 1966Manitoba, Canada I22710
24 Cram, Grace Carolyne  27 Dec 1926Manitoba, Canada I22711
25 Cram, Harry W.  29 Jul 1904Manitoba, Canada I22707
26 Cram, Murray Alexander  7 Feb 1973Manitoba, Canada I22708
27 Cram, William Joseph  10 Oct 1940Manitoba, Canada I3565
28 Currie, Amelia  Dec 1935Manitoba, Canada I40531
29 Currie, Annie  1964Manitoba, Canada I22161
30 Duncan, Ellen Gertrude "Nellie"  31 May 1966Manitoba, Canada I3369
31 Dunfield, Silas  26 Sep 1951Manitoba, Canada I37156
32 Elder, Edmund James "Jim"  24 Dec 2012Manitoba, Canada I39935
33 English, Martha "Meryle"  21 Nov 1976Manitoba, Canada I41915
34 Evans, Clara Sadie  17 Mar 1929Manitoba, Canada I40764
35 Farr, Emma Rachel  15 Mar 1933Manitoba, Canada I3458
36 French, Bernice Emmeline  6 Aug 2017Manitoba, Canada I37269
37 French, William Brian "Bill"  17 Apr 2013Manitoba, Canada I37284
38 Garland, Robert Francis Jr.  12 Mar 1956Manitoba, Canada I30854
39 Garvin, Joseph Ross  14 Jul 1962Manitoba, Canada I6966
40 Gerak, Rosalie Pauline  5 Sep 2015Manitoba, Canada I16189
41 Gillian, Lorena Evelyn  2009Manitoba, Canada I39718
42 Griffith, Garnet Bruce  1974Manitoba, Canada I37173
43 Hamilton, Dorothy May  10 Jan 1985Manitoba, Canada I41045
44 Harp, Frederick James  2012Manitoba, Canada I39719
45 Hobbs, Nellie May  3 Apr 1980Manitoba, Canada I6957
46 Holloway, Islay C.  1997Manitoba, Canada I20448
47 Holmes, Lillian Catherine Margaret  1999Manitoba, Canada I22180
48 Houston, Joseph Kincade  12 Oct 1948Manitoba, Canada I10908
49 Hunt, Sarah  25 Apr 1898Manitoba, Canada I35437
50 Inglis, Andrew  1957Manitoba, Canada I30257

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Code, Thomas  17 Mar 1904Manitoba, Canada I18240

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Stewart, Mary  1847Manitoba, Canada I2854


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Barclay / Goodwin  25 Dec 1883Manitoba, Canada F13748
2 Cumming / Kennedy  1 Sep 1945Manitoba, Canada F12933
3 Fleming / Jones  Jan 1921Manitoba, Canada F4692
4 Hopkins / Scott  21 Jun 1947Manitoba, Canada F2524
5 McKitrick / McLaren  28 Jan 1920Manitoba, Canada F3115
6 Neil / Acres  30 Jul 1913Manitoba, Canada F8595

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