Saskatchewan, Canada


Latitude: 50.708634, Longitude: -104.875488


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alcorn, Mary Alfreda  15 Jul 1911Saskatchewan, Canada I37411
2 Asprey, Kathleen Margaret  24 Jul 1889Saskatchewan, Canada I43469
3 Barker, Robert Oswald  1914Saskatchewan, Canada I33
4 Barnett, Doris Thelma  21 Jan 1911Saskatchewan, Canada I17859
5 Barnett, George Dudley  1915Saskatchewan, Canada I17860
6 Blanchard, Francis  1922Saskatchewan, Canada I42293
7 Blanchard, Stanley Ebert  1923Saskatchewan, Canada I42292
8 Bole, Charlotte Ann  23 Jul 1916Saskatchewan, Canada I27517
9 Boyd, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1899Saskatchewan, Canada I4416
10 Butler, Harold  10 Aug 1926Saskatchewan, Canada I36811
11 Carley, Mildred  15 May 1918Saskatchewan, Canada I41271
12 Casey, Robin Allen "Bob"  12 Nov 1916Saskatchewan, Canada I9257
13 Craig, Frederick Grant  13 Aug 1947Saskatchewan, Canada I25951
14 Cunningham, Howard Arthur  16 Apr 1916Saskatchewan, Canada I18985
15 Cunningham, Isobel  1912Saskatchewan, Canada I18984
16 Dickson, David Wemyss  2 Mar 1913Saskatchewan, Canada I28376
17 Dionne, Joseph Victor Norbert  3 Jun 1907Saskatchewan, Canada I38279
18 Evans, Annie  17 Jul 1891Saskatchewan, Canada I9842
19 Evans, Elizabeth  16 Jul 1886Saskatchewan, Canada I9840
20 Evans, Sarah Agnes  1890Saskatchewan, Canada I9843
21 Evans, Sophia  20 Jul 1885Saskatchewan, Canada I9841
22 Ferguson, Robert Blair  Jun 1911Saskatchewan, Canada I20537
23 Finlayson, Bertha Amelia  Mar 1911Saskatchewan, Canada I38915
24 Flemming, Lenorard  1912Saskatchewan, Canada I16944
25 Garland, Dorothy Madge  1920Saskatchewan, Canada I35418
26 Garland, Elizabeth "Betty"  6 Jul 1918Saskatchewan, Canada I30881
27 Gibson, Ferne  1922Saskatchewan, Canada I19993
28 Grassick, Margaret  1915Saskatchewan, Canada I15289
29 Grassick, Violet  1913Saskatchewan, Canada I15292
30 Grassick, Wilfred "Bill" George  1912Saskatchewan, Canada I9386
31 Greenfield, Gordon  1915Saskatchewan, Canada I35148
32 Hamilton, Howard George  25 Feb 1925Saskatchewan, Canada I29526
33 Hamilton, Stanley James  23 Feb 1915Saskatchewan, Canada I40412
34 Hand, Garnet Cecil  3 Sep 1915Saskatchewan, Canada I25871
35 Hand, Phoebe Irene  Nov 1921Saskatchewan, Canada I27168
36 Hand, Selwyn Roy  4 Aug 1920Saskatchewan, Canada I25872
37 Hayes, Katherine Lucille  1912Saskatchewan, Canada I27548
38 Holden, Lawrence  1907Saskatchewan, Canada I31366
39 Holte, Otto Edwin  12 May 1913Saskatchewan, Canada I20525
40 Hook, Frances Emily  8 Oct 1921Saskatchewan, Canada I19741
41 Horner, Ruby Margaret  28 Nov 1917Saskatchewan, Canada I36213
42 Hunter, Hazel Elizabeth  13 Jul 1917Saskatchewan, Canada I42055
43 Johnson, Sgt. Edward Joseph  1 May 1923Saskatchewan, Canada I1080
44 Jones, Adelene Emma  28 Nov 1912Saskatchewan, Canada I19977
45 Keefer, Leo Angus  5 Jul 1908Saskatchewan, Canada I9255
46 Kidd, Anne "Mildred" Flora  Abt 1918Saskatchewan, Canada I5075
47 Kidd, Edith Anne  Abt 1926Saskatchewan, Canada I5034
48 Kidd, Margaret "Isabel"  1916Saskatchewan, Canada I5031
49 Lafountain, Dorothy Jean  Feb 1911Saskatchewan, Canada I34670
50 Lockhart, Yvonne  Abt 1918Saskatchewan, Canada I6856

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Margaret  Saskatchewan, Canada I34292
2 Baird, John  23 Apr 1964Saskatchewan, Canada I36800
3 Bliss, George Pidgeon  1916Saskatchewan, Canada I28304
4 Bradley, Elizabeth Florence  1947Saskatchewan, Canada I26593
5 Butler, John Pierce  21 Mar 1933Saskatchewan, Canada I18460
6 Cameron, Iva Mae  14 Nov 1961Saskatchewan, Canada I40528
7 Cathcart, George Ivan  18 Dec 1998Saskatchewan, Canada I43381
8 Doube, Margaret  Aft 1921Saskatchewan, Canada I33594
9 Drynan, Alexander  1977Saskatchewan, Canada I17032
10 Evans, Abraham "Abe"  15 Nov 1928Saskatchewan, Canada I17214
11 Fairbairn, Robina Hannah Waite  1982Saskatchewan, Canada I35294
12 Featherstone, Herbert Joseph  20 Jun 1914Saskatchewan, Canada I30128
13 Flemming, Mary Rose  13 Mar 1920Saskatchewan, Canada I3965
14 Fumerton, Archibald Whyte "Archie"  1929Saskatchewan, Canada I8024
15 Garrett, Albert John  4 May 2017Saskatchewan, Canada I22897
16 Garrett, William Claud  27 Apr 1967Saskatchewan, Canada I22895
17 Gilmour, Hugh C.  9 Jun 1903Saskatchewan, Canada I38302
18 Glackin, William Arthur  10 Nov 1993Saskatchewan, Canada I35822
19 Gordon, Minnie Pearl  1974Saskatchewan, Canada I6475
20 Haakenson, Harold Peder  10 Jul 1974Saskatchewan, Canada I14939
21 Hand, Garnet Cecil  25 May 1972Saskatchewan, Canada I25871
22 Hand, James Percival PERCY  14 Nov 1987Saskatchewan, Canada I25866
23 Hand, Muriel Annabelle  7 Jun 1950Saskatchewan, Canada I27164
24 Hand, Thomas  1959Saskatchewan, Canada I25813
25 Harris, Milo  Dec 1928Saskatchewan, Canada I8081
26 Horner, Byron Eason  1987Saskatchewan, Canada I33659
27 Ireton, Ethel Maude  1964Saskatchewan, Canada I22894
28 Jones, John Elliott  1934Saskatchewan, Canada I40416
29 Jordan, Elsie Irene  1982Saskatchewan, Canada I34187
30 Keefer, Leo Angus  11 Jul 2001Saskatchewan, Canada I9255
31 Kidd, James Alexander  Nov 1948Saskatchewan, Canada I4034
32 Kidd, Mary Leeson  6 Aug 1949Saskatchewan, Canada I4031
33 Kidd, William James  12 Sep 1931Saskatchewan, Canada I4287
34 Lucas, Thomas A.  11 Nov 1933Saskatchewan, Canada I27684
35 Maxwell, Frederick Verle  11 Jun 1968Saskatchewan, Canada I38443
36 McCall, Gertrude May  Mar 1947Saskatchewan, Canada I22892
37 McEwen, Hugh Arthur Gordon  Abt 1965Saskatchewan, Canada I39809
38 McEwen, John Norman  1974Saskatchewan, Canada I39808
39 McEwen, William George  17 Nov 1977Saskatchewan, Canada I39810
40 McFarlane, Margaret  2 Nov 1915Saskatchewan, Canada I38303
41 McIntyre, Andrew  24 Jul 1918Saskatchewan, Canada I10972
42 McIntyre, Everton Ellwood  1991Saskatchewan, Canada I9144
43 McKay, William Andrew  10 Jul 1938Saskatchewan, Canada I15992
44 McKibbin, Annie  1945Saskatchewan, Canada I27448
45 McMaster, Matilda "Tillie" Campbell  1959Saskatchewan, Canada I9251
46 Morton, Ian  1963Saskatchewan, Canada I5036
47 Munro, Allan Murray  6 May 1973Saskatchewan, Canada I24556
48 Pretty, Elizabeth Blythe  1972Saskatchewan, Canada I17983
49 Remington, Sarah  16 Mar 1920Saskatchewan, Canada I9833
50 Robertson, Dr. Bertram Hanley "Bert" D. D. S.  27 Dec 1936Saskatchewan, Canada I1480

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Gibson, Harry H  1918Saskatchewan, Canada I26847


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Hodgson / Fleming  8 Apr 1936Saskatchewan, Canada F4690
2 Lockhart / Gibson  16 Mar 1909Saskatchewan, Canada F2383
3 Ramage / Evans  9 Nov 1904Saskatchewan, Canada F9683

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